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Dirty Bird Services is a locally owned and operated family business that is very different from most. We are a proud law enforcement officer owned faith based business that provides professional lawn, landscaping, window cleaning and many other contract services to the North Texas area. We appreciate the opportunity to serve our community....WITH JUST A TOUCH OF ATTITUDE. Why? because having fun in life is what its all about and we hope you enjoy our website as much as you enjoy seeing our ugly faces when you hire us! We're a pretty cool group of folks!


A message from the dirtybird himself:

"As a veteran first responder and Texas police officer, professionalism, was a non negotiable standard of not only my state, and department but an expectation of the citizens i served. I also gained a very unique sense of humor based off my experiences as an officer. I wanted to inject my entire personality into DBS. My initial experiences in the private sector led me to believe that most customers were unfamiliar with my definition of professionalism. I found that customers enjoyed my mix of professionalism and levity. I sought to bring an unprecedented level of professionalism  and personality to the Texoma service industry. I built DBS on this philosophy and it is that standard that will set us apart from our competition for years to come. I still enjoy one on one interactions with people and i particularly value a good sense of humor to match that of my own. I also know that no business can be successful without loyal and like-minded customers. For this reason i consider all DBS customers  as partners, extended family and members of our Dirty Bird Nation!


God Bless

Coy Clements

Owner & Employee 


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"The first time i spoke with Coy was at 11pm on a Saturday. I called with the intent of leaving a message to be returned the following day. He called right back and vividly described his self inflicted injury that was sustained while trying to get to the phone. It was quite comical but this dedication to his customers is why he is awesome. He works with his family and they are always a pleasure to see on our property."  

Karissa G.




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